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Kichijoji R’s
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R's policy

We think the role of R's is to inherit the baton of what the creators in the generation have produced of their best and with enthusiasm.

We don't have a fixed concept that the expensive item is precious and the new model is of great value.

The important thing is to present the proper and reasonable price for the generation.

These days women like to enjoy their coordination by mixing luxury bag and fast fashion.

SO we hope to offer all of these women some kind of product that give them the inspiration of fashion idea and make them feel good.

We also purchase and assess various products, so please use our easy and convenient line assessment.

LINE@ 友だち募集中!




2-11-7 Kichijoji-honcho Musashino-shi Tokyo
Free Dial:0120-27-2759
Store Open:12:00~18:00
Regular Closing Day:Every Wednesday

You can purchase our products at Yahoo Auctions and Rakuten outside the store

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If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us by phone or email

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