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Brand Wrist Watch Resale Specializing Store | Kichijoji R’s

We also purchase and sell brand bags, jewelry, clothing, etc.

We think the role of R’s is to inherit the baton of what the creators in the generation have produced of their best and with enthusiasm.


R’s Assessment

Real Price ──We know the value of your watch.

Annually, over 10,000 transactions are completed in the US, Hong Kong, Europe and Japan, the owner being in charge of the assessments.
We will give you the true value for your watch.

At R’s there are no tedious forms that need to be filled out.
By simply sending photo, an estimated value can be assessed.
It is an easy and convenient way to have an assessment. Just simply stop on by.


R’s Purchasing

World Price ──Experienced it from your own home.

Having foreign partners, R’s is able to see what watch is selling for what price in any country. R’s has real time information knowledge.

This is one reason why clients are not restricted to the Japanese Market, and able to get offered international values. This is one of R’s strengths.

If satisfied with the assessment value, please sell us your watch.
For shipping transactions, simply pack and ship in the kit sent to you.
Anywhere domestically, your watch can easily be sold from your house.


R’s Transaction Market

Watch Now ──Watch now as the world focuses on your watch.

For example, Patek Philippe Signature Masterpiece, the Calatrava.
It is a commonly associated with a pure gold case, but were you aware that the model with the stainless steel case fetches a rather high price.

Fact is the SS model was made Japanese Market in the 1960’s in a very small quantity.
At that time, gold was too expensive to import. If the all gold model was sold in Japan, it would be way too expensive.
To go with the times, a SS model was made for the Japanese Market. These rare products have gained much attention to enthusiasts in the foreign market.

We are able to introduce the world standard because our company deeply understands tha foreign trends.


Store Information


2-11-7 Kichijoji-honcho Musashino-shi Tokyo
4 minute walk from the JR Kichijoji Station Central Gates

Regular Closing Day:Every Wednesday
Operating Hours:12:00 – 18:00
Free Dial:0120-27-2759