An estimated assessment value can be made with a picture sent on LINE.
It is unnecessary to input the burdensome model number or model pattern.
(The experienced assessor is able to figure out the model and model number by looking at the picture, so input of that info is unnecessary.)
To begin, send a friend request to R’s LINE Account (@rs_watch).

1The addition of R’s to you friend list

The addition of R’s to you friend list

Open the line application and from “more” menu choose “add friends”. Search for (@rs_watch) and add to your friend list.
You can also add friends by reading the QR code provided below.

2Take a photograph of the watch

Take a photograph of the watch

Please take 1 – 3 pictures that are well lit and in focus.

 ・First picture to be a zoom of the dial
 ・Second picture to be of the whole watch
 ・Third picture to be of the case back

・Please make sure that the first picture is sent.
・The focus should be on the dial and not the glass.
・So that a reflection of the Camera or Smart Phone does not appear, the secret is to take the picture at an upward diagonal angle.
・If there are accessories, please photograph them in the second shot.

1Send the picture on LINE

Send the picture on LINE

Upload the picture on LINE to R’s Account.
If there is a price you had in mind, it can be used as a basis so please input the value.

1The Assessment reply

The Assessment reply

From what can be seen from the picture, a reply will be given with an estimated assessment value.

5Come here if a transaction would like to be started

Come here if a transaction would like to be started

If satisfied with the assessment value, please directly show us the watch.
Please choose whether you would like to use the shipping method or In-store method.

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