At R&S CO.,LTD. (The Company), Personal Information will be protected in Stores we operate and any websites we control

1. The Purpose of Private Information
(1)For services when merchandise is purchased (For example, confirmation of the price agreed to by the individual)
(2)For services when merchandise is sold (For example, accounting, shipping, and any post transactional services.
(3)Invitations to specific events, DM, Mail Magazines, Service Improvement Question ere.
(4)For Statistical information.

2. Protection and Care of Personal Inormation
(1)In regards to the care of private information, we will follow a strict guideline we have established.
(2)The company might assign an office duty to a 3rd party. In this case, an appropriate responsible party will be chosen and apropos care will take place.

3. The Release of Private Information
(1)Other than an appointed third party firm, private information will not be released without the individual’s consent.
(2)However, there may be situations where laws and courts demand a release of that information.  At this time the company will release such records and cooperate accordingly.

4. Changes or Deletion of Private Information
(1)To make changes to Private Information to cancel all invitations by DM and Mail Magazines, please visit us at our company.  Service provided by us will be cancelled if private information is deleted.
(2)Within our company system customer information and private information cards maybe disposed of properly.  In this case we may not be able to assist the client’s request and we ask for your understanding.