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The way to sell a wrist watch for a higher price

There is a technique used to sell brand-named, antiques, and vintage wrist watches at a higher price.

There is a technique used to sell brand-named, antiques, and vintage wrist watches at a higher price.

1It is plus if there are accessories

It is plus if there are accessories

Manufacture Warranties(guarantee card) or original boxes may increase the assessment value.
Warranties that are expired are accepted as well. Warranties for manufacturer overhauls are useful for assessments as well.
Do not make your own decision and bring in the box even though it is damaged for there are times when it is still better for the assessment.

2Get estimates from many stores

Get estimates from many stores

Besides Watch Only Stores, there are many shops that can buy watches like brand buying websites, pawn shop, or used shops.
Even when Watch Only Shops are concerned, some stores are looking for current merchandise, some antiques whereas, these stores may specialize in certain watches. It is difficult to say which store will give you the best offer.
It is recommended to get a few assessments and compare the values without making an immediate decision.

1Divulge an asking price

Divulge an asking price

If you have an asking price, please let us know at the time you ask for an assessment. It is common for assessments to go smoother.
Depending on the model, there are many watches that have a market value. If you tell us the asking price we will make more of an effort to reach that value.
Please let us know if you have had any other stores who have given you an assessment for it might result in a higher assessment.

1The time

The time

It is recommended that watches under warranty that have the documents be sold before expiration.
In addition, mechanical wrist watches require regular maintenance. An expensive overhaul may be necessary for a watch that has not been used for a long time.
In that case, reselling may be an attractive method. If you have watch collecting dust, please use this opportunity to consult us with no obligations.





Reasons why R’s is able to offer a better price

The company’s owner himself oversees the transaction of these 10,000 watches. We have confidence in our investigations. With the owner’s expertise, we will justifiably assess the watch you so cherish.

A simple photograph assessment An estimated assessment value can be made with a picture sent on the Assessment form.
It is unnecessary to input the burdensome model number or model pattern.


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